About Us

Mission And Purpose

The Amarillo Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Inc. exists to promote community and family enrichment through substance abuse education, prevention, intervention and treatment.

Organizational Overview

The Amarillo Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, Inc. (ACADA) was incorporated as a non-profit 501©(3) organization in January 1963 to provide substance abuse services. ACADA has been funded by Texas Dept. of State Health Services (DSHS) since 1984. Until the mid 1990’s we provided traditional core services and, in response to changing requirements, developed a significant treatment modality. These activities are in keeping with the continuing ACADA mission “To promote community and family enrichment through substance abuse education, prevention, intervention and treatment.” The primary objectives mandated by the Council’s mission are:

Brief description of organizational structure: A multi-cultural Board, representing the community exercises oversight of ACADA and its activities. The Board meticulously operates in compliance with Department of State Health Services (DSHS) rules. The Executive Director supervises the Program Directors of each program. A full time financial manager performs financial services in house with regular and spot audits being performed by Federal and State agencies.

Capability and experience: For 50 years ACADA has functioned in the 26 counties of upper Region I providing education, prevention, intervention, treatment, aftercare, and discrete support services.  The outreach activities and services have been provided for youth, elderly, men, women and the designated priority populations.  These activities have developed though referral, shared experiences and on going inter-agency respect.  There is now a continuing process of mutual responsibility and interdependence between ACADA and these other providers.  ACADA is uniquely suited to address outpatient treatment needs in the metropolitan area and the greater Panhandle because of this tested and effective process of inter-agency cooperation.  In addition to Amarillo, treatment services are available in Pampa.  Previously, services have been established in many other Panhandle towns and the personal and agency relationships remain in place.

Activities and Services currently offered: Prevention, Intervention and Case Management, through Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders, Outpatient Treatment, Individual and Family Counseling Services, Federal Probation services and off site activities, such as non-metropolitan site treatment programs, health fairs and seminars.  There is continuing coordination with local and statewide agencies nurturing productive relationships for program design and delivery.

Operating Budget and Resources:  ACADA’s current resources are DSHS, Federal Probation and Texas Department of Criminal Justice.